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Translocations Chr 1-10
Test Result
t(1;13) PAX7-FKHR {{{blank}}}
t(2,13) PAX3-FKHR {{{blank}}}
t(8;14) MYC-IGH{{{blank}}}
t(9;22) BCR-ABL {{{blank}}}
t(9;22) CHN-EWS {{{blank}}}
Translocations Chr 11-13
Test Result
t(11;14) CCND1-IGH {{{blank}}}
t(11;22) EWS-WT1 {{{blank}}}
t(11;22) FLI1-EWS {{{blank}}}
t(12;15) ETV6-NTRK3 {{{blank}}}
t(12;16) FUS-ATF1 {{{blank}}}
t(12;16) CHOP-TLS {{{blank}}}
t(12;22) EWS-ATF1 {{{blank}}}
Translocations Chr 14-22
Test Result
t(14,18) IGH-BCL2 {{{blank}}}
t(15;17) PML-RARA {{{blank}}}
t(16;21) FUS-ERG {{{blank}}}
t(17;22) COLA1-PDGFB {{{blank}}}
t(21;22) EWS-ERG {{{blank}}}
Translocations Chr X & Y
Test Result
t(X;1) PRCC-TFE3{{{blank}}}
t(X;17) TFE3-ASPL {{{blank}}}
t(X;18) SYT-SSX {{{blank}}}

{{Case Translocations
| blank=Dr Torres would ask why!
| t1_13= 
| t2_13= 
| t8_14= 
| t9_22bcr_abl= 
| t9_22chn_ews= 
| t11_14= 
| t11_22dsrct= 
| t11_22ews= 
| t12_15= 
| t12_16afh= 
| t12_16liposar= 
| t12_22= 
| t14_18= 
| t15_17= 
| t16_21= 
| t17_22= 
| t21_22= 
| tx_1= 
| tx_17= 
| tx_18= 

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