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Sections show benign adipocytes of variable size, numberous capillaries and fibrous tissue. The adipocytes do not have nuclear hyperchromasia or nuclear enlargement. The capillaries are lined by benign endothelium.

Final diagnosis

Soft tissue lesion (right flank), excision: - Angiolipoma.


Microscopic description

Sections show scant tissue with abundant adipocytes of variable size with chicken wire-like blood vessels, in a myxoid background. The adipocyte nuclei show abundant nuclear pseudoinclusions, small nucleoli, focal vacuolization, focal enlargement and occasional nuclear membrane irregularity. Scattered cells show hyperchromasia but are without nuclear indentations. No definite lipoblasts are identified. No epidermis is seen.

Final diagnosis

Soft tissue, subcutaneous mass left hip, core needle biopsy:
- Myxoid liposarcoma.