ELOC-mutated renal cell carcinoma

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ELOC-mutated renal cell carcinoma
Diagnosis in short

RCC with clear cells and fibromuscular band - morphology compatible with TCEB1 mutation. H&E stain. (WC)

Synonyms TCEB1-mutated renal cell carcinoma (old name)

LM clear cells with abundant cytoplasm and basal nuclei (may have luminal nuclei), usually ISUP nucleolar grade 2, fibromuscular bands
LM DDx clear cell renal cell carcinoma, clear cell papillary renal cell tumour (clear cell papillary RCC), renal cell carcinoma with fibromyomatous stroma
IHC CK7 +ve, CD10 +ve, CK34betaE12 -ve
Molecular TCEB1 mutation
Site kidney - see kidney tumours

Syndromes possibly tuberous sclerosis - see tuberous sclerosis-associated renal cell carcinoma

Prevalence very rare - evolving entity
Prognosis good - based on limited data

ELOC-mutated renal cell carcinoma is a type of renal cell carcinoma that is morphologically similar to clear cell renal cell carcinoma and clear cell papillary renal cell tumour (previously clear cell papillary renal cell carcinoma).[1] It was formally recognized in the WHO 2022 classification of renal neoplasia.[citation needed]

It was previously known as TCEB1-mutated renal cell carcinoma and renal cell carcinoma with TCEB1 mutation. It should not be confused with TFEB renal cell carcinoma, also known as renal tumour with t(6;11) translocation.

It is unrelated to the previously described renal angiomyoadenomatous tumour[1][2] that was lumped with clear cell papillary renal cell carcinoma in the Vancouver modification of the WHO classification.


  • Entity part of WHO Blue Book (5th Edition).
  • TCEB1 (transcription elongation factor B, polypeptide 1) is part of a complex that binds with the product of the VHL gene;[3] thus, it acts as a tumour suppressor.
  • Good prognosis - based on limited data.[1]


  • Cystic changes.



  • Clear cells with abundant cytoplasm and basal nuclei.
    • Luminal nuclei (like in clear cell tubulopapillary RCC) may be seen.
  • Usually ISUP nucleolar grade 2.
  • Fibromuscular bands - key feature.



Morphology compatible




  • GPNMB -ve.
    • TSC1/TSC2/MTOR mutated RCC is GPNMB +ve.[4]

Comparison between some renal tumours with clear cells

Tumour CK7 CD10 CK34betaE12 (K903) GPNMB
Clear cell renal cell carcinoma -ve (may be focal) +ve -ve usu. -ve
Clear cell papillary renal cell tumour +ve (diffuse) -ve +ve -ve[4]
ELOC-mutated renal cell carcinoma +ve +ve -ve -ve
Renal cell carcinoma with fibromyomatous stroma and TSC/mTOR-mutation +ve +ve -ve +ve

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Molecular lacking

Right Kidney, Radical Nephrectomy: 
     - RENAL CELL CARCINOMA with clear cells, cysts and leiomyomatous stroma, see comment.
     -- Margin clear.
     -- Please see synoptic report for details.

The tumour stains as follows:
POSITIVE: CD10 (moderate), EMA (patchy), CK7 (diffuse), PAX8 (diffuse).
NEGATIVE: CK34betaE12, CK20.

The differential diagnosis includes: (1) clear cell renal cell carcinoma, (2) RCC with a mTOR pathway mutation, and (3) ELOC-mutated RCC.

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