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Diagnosis in short

Steatocystoma. H&E stain.

LM cyst lined by squamous epithelium with a corrugated eosinophilic lining, no granular cell layer
Site skin - see dermal cysts

Syndromes steatocystoma multiplex

Prevalence rare
Prognosis benign

Steatocystoma is a rare benign dermal cyst.


  • Benign.
  • Rare.[1]
  • Typically adults.
  • Usually on the trunk.
  • May be genetic; known as steatocystoma multiplex.[2]
    • Classically autosomal dominant.[3]



  • Cyst lined by squamous epithelium with:
    1. Corrugated eosinophilic lining - key feature.
      • Similar appearance to compact keratin (hyperkeratosis).
      • Described as a hyaline cuticle.[5]
    2. No granular cell layer.



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