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Spindle cells in a MPNST. (WC)
Spindle cells in a leiomyosarcoma. (WC)

Spindle cell is a histomorphologic descriptor used in pathology.

A list of spindle cell lesions is found the in the spindle cell lesions article.


It refers to a cell that is tapered at both ends.[1]


  • A taper gradually decreases toward one end [of the cross-section or width].[2]
  • Spindle cells can have "pointy" ends (typical for nerves) or "rounded" ends (typical for muscle), i.e. be ellipitcal or vesica piscis.

Subtyping spindle cells by H&E

Spindle cells can often be subtyped based on H&E:[3]

  • Fibroblast = blue.
  • Smooth muscle = deep pink.
  • Myofibroblast = purple.



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