Rounded atelectasis

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Rounded atelectasis, abbreviated RA, is a benign pathology of the lung that may be mistaken for lung cancer.[1][2]


  • Benign clinical diagnosis.
  • May be biopsied to exclude malignancy.
  • Type of lung collapse[3] often associated with asbestos exposure.

Clinical (radiologic findings):[3]

  • Pleural thickening.
  • Mass lesion with "comet tail" (curvilinear opacification of bronchi and vessels).



  • Pleural fibrosis.
  • No features of malignancy.


  • Findings on core biopsy are non-specific.


  • Pleural plaque.

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Lung Lesion, Right Lower Lobe, Core Biopsy:
- Benign fibrous tissue and skeletal muscle.
- NEGATIVE for lung parenchyma. 
- NEGATIVE for evidence of malignancy.

Clinical correlation is suggested.

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