Renal leiomyoma

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Renal leiomyoma, also leiomyoma of the kidney, is a very rare benign kidney tumour.


  • Rare - estimated to represent 0.3% of treated renal tumours.[1]



  • Fasicular architecture.
  • Spindle cells without significant atypia.




  • HMB-45 -ve.
  • Desmin +ve.
  • ER and PR +ve (6 of 9 cases:[3]).

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Mass Lesion, Right Kidney, Core Biopsy:
- Benign leiomyoma with hyalinization and without atypia, see comment.
- Renal parenchyma within normal limits present.
- NEGATIVE for malignancy.

The tumour stains as follows:
POSITIVE: desmin, SMA, ER, PR.
Proliferation (Ki-67): 0%.

The tumour histology and immunoprofile is that of a leiomyoma. Renal leiomyomas are very rare lesions; a large contemporary series has only 9 cases. [1] 

Correlation with radiology is suggested.

1. Am J Surg Pathol. 2015 Mar;39(3):349-56.


The sections show tumour with a fascicular architecture and hyalinization. No adipose tissue is seen. Necrosis is not identified. Nuclear atypia is not seen. Mitotic activity is not readily apparent. Benign unremarkable renal parenchyma is present.

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