Radiation oncology

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Radiation oncology is a place where people go after the pathologist has diagnosed it as cancer.


  • Measured with several units.


  • Abbreviated Gy.
  • Energy/mass.


  • Abbreviated Sv.
  • "Biologic effect"/mass.[1]


  • X = fiddle factor for type of tissue and type of radiation.
  • dose = dose in Gray.

Typical doses

Single dose:[1]

  • <0.5 Gy no histologic change.
  • 1-2 Gy proliferating cells die.
  • 10 Gy overt necrosis.


  • Solid tumours ~ 60 to 80 Gy.
  • Lymphoma ~ 20 to 40 Gy.


  • DNA damage is thought to depend on reactive oxygen species.
    • Therefore, poorly oxygenated and poorly vascularized tissues are less sensitive to radiation exposures/treatments.[1]

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