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Programmed cell death 1, abbreviated PDCD1 and PD1,[1] is a protein (and gene) with an important role in immune system regulation and cancer. It is found on T lymphocytes.

It is also known as CD279.

PD1 binds with programmed death-ligand 1 (dealt with separately) and programmed death-ligand 2.[2]


Cytotoxic T cell function is regulated by receptor pairs found on the tumour and lymphocyte:[2]

Function Tumour cell T cell
Antigen presentation MHC TCR
Signal inhibition PD-1 PD-L1 (CD274), PD-L2 (CD273)


  • Pembrolizumab.
  • Nivolumab.
  • Atezolizumab.
  • Durvalumab.
  • Avelumab.

Uncertain whether it binds PD-1:

  • Pidilizumab.


  • There is no standard antibody.
  • Currently, each drug company has its own clone. Whether the antibodies are interchangeable is a subject of study.
Clone IHC platform Associated drug Testing required
28-8 Dako Nivolumab[3] no testing for squamous carcinoma, pending further information for non-squamous
22C3 Dako Pembrolizumab[4] testing required
SP142 Ventana Atezolizumab[5] testing required
SP263 Ventana Durvalumab testing likely required

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