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Pathology requisitions are the things that come with pathology specimens. They contain a large amount of information and provide context.


  • Requisitions are a formal form of communication between healthcare providers and have implications in the quality of care.[1]
    • Elements of requisitions, such as the completeness of the clinical history, may be audited as part of a quality program.[2]

Information typically found on requisitions

  • Date.
  • Patient identifiers.
  • Source of specimen.
  • Submitting physican.
  • Submitting clinic/operating room.
  • Clinical history - considered a necessity and may be a legal requirement.[3][4]

Standardization of requisitions

Standardization of requsitions:

  • Facilitates analysis work, both with respect to: (1) quality of care, and (2) pathophysiology of disease.
  • Likely facilitates a higher standard of care, based on the significant body of research on checklist use inside and outside of medicine.[5][6]

Prostate biopsies - clinical history checklist

  • PSA ____ ng/ml.
  • Clinical T stage/DRE examination: ___.
  • 5-Alpha inhibitor use: Yes/No.
  • Previous biopsy: Yes/No.
  • Prior radiation therapy: Yes/No.
  • Prostate measurements: SAG ___ cm, AP ___ cm, TRANS ___ cm.
    • Prostate volume: ___ cm3.
  • PSA density ___ ng/ml2.
  • Additional clinical information: ___.

Urinary bladder biopsies/TURBTs - clinical history checklist

  • History of bladder tumour: No/Yes.
  • BCG treatment: Yes/No.
  • Erythema: Yes/No.
  • Definite tumour: Yes/No.
    • Location of tumour: ___.
    • Clinical stage: ___.
  • Other clinical information: ___.

Lung mass - clinical history checklist

  • Previous lung biopsy: No/Yes.
  • History of cancer: No/Yes - primary site _______.
  • Suspected cancer: No/Yes
    • If Yes: primary lung/metastasis, clinical stage _______.
  • Exposure history, e.g. smoking: _______.
  • Other relevant information: _______.


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