Nodal nevus

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Nodal nevus
Diagnosis in short

Synonyms capsular nevus, benign nevus cells in lymph node

LM bland nevus cells (lack prominent nucleoli, nuclear pleomorphism, proliferative activity)
LM DDx malignant melanoma
IHC S-100 +ve
Gross usually not apparent
Site lymph node

Signs none
Prevalence rare
Prognosis benign
Clin. DDx lymph node metastasis
Treatment none or follow-up

Nodal nevus, also capsular nevus, is benign lymph node finding that can be mistaken for malignant melanoma.[1]

Nevus in lymph node and benign nevus cells in lymph node redirect here.



  • Usually not apparent.



  • Nevus cells with bland cytomorphology.
    • Lack size variation, nucleoli.
    • Non-proliferative.


  • No standardized criteria.[3]





  • S-100 +ve.


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