Lymphoproliferative disorder

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Lymphoproliferative disorder is a non-specific term that encompasses a subset of hematologic cancers and lymphocyte proliferations that are not obviously cancer.[1]

It should not be confused with post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLPD). PTLPD is a specific diagnosis and dealt with in a separate article.


  • Lymphoproliferative disorder can be used as a non-specific waffle diagnosis/placeholder diagnosis for something that is being sent to hematopathology for further work-up.

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Left Inguinal Lymph Node, Core Biopsy:
     - Low-grade lymphoproliferative disorder, pending consult.

The case will be sent to hematopathology for further work-up.

The cores show small lymphoid cells with nodularity. The lymph node sinuses are effaced.

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