Lateral aberrant thyroid tissue

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Lateral aberrant thyroid tissue is thyroid tissue lateral to the jugular vein, that is not within a lymph node.

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  • Lateral aberrant thyroid tissue is considered metastatic thyroid carcinoma (papillary thyroid carcinoma) even if it looks benign;[1] however, this dictum is disputed.[2]
  • Morphologically benign thyroid tissue in a lymph node appears to have a benign behaviour, if found incidentally.[3]


  • The level VI and VII lymph nodes are medial to the jugular.

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Morphologically benign appearing thyroid tissue (TTF-1 POSITIVE, thyroglobin POSITIVE, calcitonin NEGATIVE) was found in a lymph node. Correlation with additional testing is suggested to exclude the possibility of significant thyroid pathology.

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