Intramuscular myxoma

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Intramuscular myxoma
Diagnosis in short

Intramuscular myxoma.

LM myxoid stroma with bland stellate cells and/or bland spindle cells, intramuscular, usu. hypervascular and hypercellular
Subtypes hypercellular, hypervascular
LM DDx myxoid lesions
Site soft tissue

Prevalence rare
Prognosis benign, rarely recur

Intramuscular myxoma is an uncommon benign intramuscular myxoid lesion.


  • Rare.[1]
  • Usually do not recur.[2]
  • Present as a mass.[2]


  • Usually thigh muscles.[2]



  • Myxoid stroma - key feature
  • Bland stellate or spindle cells.
    • Typically paucicellular. †
    • Usually with scant vascularity. ‡
  • Contained within skeletal muscle - essential.


  • † A hypercellular variant exists.
  • ‡ A hypervascular variant exists.



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