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In-transit metastasis is a type of metastatic disease, characterized by tumour nodules arising from the lymphatics[1] between the primary tumour and its local/regional lymph nodes.[2]

It is relatively common in malignant melanoma.[1] It may be seen in a number of tumours, e.g. squamous cell carinoma,[3][4] eccrine porocarcinoma,[5] Merkel cell carcinoma.[6]

Tumour deposits in colorectal adenocarcinoma, conceptually, are the same thing as in-transit metastases;[7] however, the details of the definitions are different.


  • It is called "in-transit", as it happens while the tumour is on the way to the regional lymph node.
  • May be how a tumour (e.g. melanoma[8][9]) recurs.
  • Poor prognosticator.


  • Nodule in soft tissue.
  • Often not apparent.


Definition - a separate tumour nodule that is:[2]

  1. >2 cm from the primary tumour.
  2. Arises between the nearest (regional) lymph nodes and the primary tumour.
    • The tumour presumably arises from a lymphatic that drains the tissue in which the primary tumour grew.


  • Satellitosis - separate nodule <= 2 cm from the primary tumour.
  • Lymphovascular invasion - does not form a nodule and does not invade into the surround tissue.
  • Lymph node metastasis - should have lymphoid tissue and capsule or be round; definitions dependent on the body site/primary tumour.
  • Tumour deposit - also known as discoutinuous extramural extension and peritumoral deposits; concept in colorectal adenocarcinoma.
    • Tumour deposits conceptually are the samething as the in-transit metastases;[7] however, the details of their definitions are different.

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