Hairy cell leukemia

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High power magnification of a bone marrow trephine showing infiltration by hairy cell leukaemia.

Indolent B-cell neoplasm, abbreviated HCL. Named for the appearances on peripheral blood smears. The vast majority (>95%) harbour the BRAF V600E mutation.[1] Mutations in other parts of the BRAF gene are described, but rare.[2]

In the bone marrow, they are associated with heavy reticulin fibrosis, commonly resulting in dry taps.[3]


  • Pancytopenia. Monocytopenia common in earlier disease.
  • Splenic enlargement.
  • No lymphadenopathy.
  • Good prognosis (with treatment), though (likely) not curable.



  • Huge beefy red spleen.
    • Red as white pulp obliterated.



  • Small cells (10-20 micrometers) with "Fried egg"-like appearance:
    • Well-demarcated fuzzy cell borders,
    • Clear/whispy cytoplasm and,
    • Central round nucleus.
      • Peri-nuclear clearing ("water-clear rim"[7]) -- key feature.






  • CD20 +ve, CD11c+ve, CD25 +ve, CD103 +ve, CD123 +ve, cyclin D1 +ve, DBA44 +ve
  • Annexin A1 +ve (only useful in heavy bone marrow infiltration as it is also positive in T-cells and granulopoietic cells)
  • BRAF V600E mutation-specific antibody
  • CD5 -ve.

Flow cytometry:

  • CD19 +ve, CD11c +ve, FMC7 +ve.

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