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Diagnosis in short

Gondaloblastoma. H&E stain.

LM immature germ cells (resembling Sertoli cells or granulosa cells),[citation needed] primitive germ cells resemble those of a dysgerminoma, +/-calcification (very common), +/-eosinophilic basement membrane material between the (primitive) germ cells and support cells.
LM DDx dysgerminoma, sex cord tumour with annular tubules
Site ovary

Clinical history abnormal sexual development
Prevalence very rare

Gonadoblastoma is a rare germ cell tumour with sex cord elements.


  • Associated with abnormal sexual development.
  • Often coexist with a dysgerminoma.
  • A mixed tumour that consists of (1) primitive germ cells and (2) sex cord elements.


  • +/-Cystic.



  • Immature germ cells resembling Sertoli cells or granulosa cells.[citation needed]
    • Sertoli cells = moderate cytoplasm in a trabecular or tubular architecture.
    • Granulosa cells = form follicle-like structures.
      • May form nests.
  • Primitive germ cells resemble those of a dysgerminoma.
    • Polygonal cells with a central nucleus, squared-off nuclear membrane and clear cytoplasm.
  • +/-Calcification (very common).
  • +/-Eosinophilic basement membrane material between the (primitive) germ cells and support cells.[2]




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