Fistula for hemodialysis

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Fistula for hemodialysis, also hemodialysis fistula, is an occasional pathology specimen, that can be classified a ditzel.

Hemodialysis fistulas are created to facilitate hemodialysis treatments in individuals with end-stage renal disease. They are surgically created anastomoses between an artery and vein of the arm.


  • Fistula have a limited life span.
    • The failed ones that cannot be salvaged may come to pathology.


  • Arteriovenous grafts are an alternative to surgically created fistulas.[1]

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Submitted as "Aneurysm Wall Left Forearm", Excision:
- Benign connective tissue with activated fibroblasts and 
  mild chronic inflammation, compatible with aneurysm wall.
- NEGATIVE for malignancy.

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