Femoral head grossing

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A femoral head specimen.

This article covers femoral head grossing. Femoral heads are relatively common specimens.

Femoral heads, in general, are covered in the article femoral head.


Common diagnoses:

  • Osteoarthritis - usually in older individuals, may occur in younger individuals in the setting of previous trauma.
  • Fracture - usually secondary to osteoporosis - in older individuals.

Less common diagnoses:


Specimen: femoral head.

  • Laterality: [left/right].
  • Dimensions:
    • Head (along axis of neck x depth x width): ___ x ___ x ___ cm.
    • Neck (length x depth x width): ___ x ___ x ___ cm.
    • Cartilage thickness: ___ to ___ cm.
  • Shape of head: [round/irregular].
  • Neck resection margin: [cut/irregular].
  • Articular surface: [smooth/irregular/separated from underlying bone/eburnated].
  • Other findings: [none/osteophytes/synovial hyperplasia].
  • Cut surface findings: [none/subchondral cysts/subchondral sclerosis/osteophytes].
  • Other tissue: [none/joint capsule and surround tissue - measuring ___ x ___ x ___ cm].

Representative section(s) submitted from:

  • Articular surface and underlying bone.
  • Scrappings from the resection margin (if no fracture).
  • Scrappings from the fracture site.
  • Surrounding tissue.

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