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Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians of Canada is what (pathology) residents in Canada aspire to become. It is commonly abbreviated FRCPC.

FRCPC exam


Written exam

  • Duration: 3.0 hours.
  • Format: 28 short answer questions.
  • Covers: everything.

Slide exam

  • Duration: 2 x 1 hour = 2 hours.
  • Format: short answer - one diagnosis, unless otherwise specified.
  • Covers: surgical pathology only.

Photo exam

Oral exam


  • The slides are often diagnostic; however, they may not be straight forward.

Pass rate

The pass rate for first attempt candidates in 2009-2011 for graduates of Canadian medical schools and Canadian residencies was 96+/-3.9%.[1]

Maintence of certification

Abbreviated MOC.


  • Group.
  • Self.
  • Conference.

Enter CPD activity

  • Right bottom "Enter a CPD activity".

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