Dysplasia-associated lesion or mass

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Dysplasia-associated lesion or mass, abbreviated DALM, was a clinico-pathologic diagnosis rendered in the context of inflammatory bowel disease.

DALM is considered an obsolete term.[1]


  • Proving invasive malignancy (on histopathologic grounds alone) in the setting of chronic inflammation is difficult.[2]
  • The diagnosis depended on correlation of endoscopy and histopathology - important.[3]
    • Biopsies are usually taken of the lesion and around the base.
  • This diagnosis (DALM) typically lead to colectomy.
    • The same histology today (2014) may be managed endoscopically.[4]


  • Endoscopically "suspicious", i.e. endoscopist thinks this is a DALM - essential feature.
    • Usually have a positive lifting sign.




  • Sporadic adenomatous polyp -- favouring sporadic:
    • Sharp transition between lesion and the surrounding tissue.[3]
    • Polyps not at site of active disease.[5]


Sign out

  • DALM is considered obsolete; it should not be used.
  • DALM was replaced by visible dysplasia; the endoscopist saw a lesion.

Visible dysplasia is subdivided into:

  1. Polypoid.
  2. Non-polypoid.

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