Cushing syndrome

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Cushing syndrome, also hypercortisolism, is when there is too much glucocorticoids.


The features can be remembered with CUSHING:[1]

  • Central obesity + Cervical fat pad + Comedones (acne).
  • Unusual brUising.
  • Striae.
  • Hypertension + Hyperglycemia.
  • Immunosuppression.
  • Neoplasia may cause it.
  • Growth retardation.

A shorter version is CUSH:

  • Central obesity with peripheral wasting, Cervical fat pad.
  • Unusual brUising.
  • Straiae on Skin.
  • Hypertension + Hyperglycemia.


Features - pituitary gland:

  • Crooke-hyaline change:[2]
    • ACTH producing cell: basophilic granular cytoplasm becomes pale and homogenous.

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