Collagenous sprue

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Collagenous sprue
Diagnosis in short

LM subepithelial collagen layer > 12 micrometres, villous atrophy, crypt atrophy
LM DDx celiac disease
Stains demonstrate collagen - Masson trichrome, Mallory trichrome
Site small bowel

Associated Dx possibly celiac disease
Clinical history unresponsive to gluten free diet
Signs diarrhea
Prevalence very rare

Collagenous sprue is a very rare disorder of the small bowel. There are approximately 60 reported cases in the world literature.[1]



  • Diarrhea.
    • Not responsive to Gluten-free diet.



  • Subepithelial collagen layer > 12 micrometres - key feature.
  • Villous atrophy.
  • Crypt atrophy.




Stains to demonstrate collagen:

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