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This article takes a superficial look at blood work. Blood work is often essential definitively diagnostic.

In many medical diseases, it is an essential component and should be considered by the pathologist; thus, it is important to be familiar with common blood tests.

Pathology & blood work

Pathology Key blood work
Primary biliary cirrhosis AMA +ve[1]
Autoimmune hepatitis ANA +ve, LKM-1 +ve, SMA +ve, IgG high[2]
Celiac disease Anti-tissue transglutaminase +ve, anti-endomysial +ve, IgA deficiency
Systemic lupus erythematosus ANA +ve, anti-dsDNA +ve, Anti-Sm +ve
Sjögren syndrome Anti-SS-A/Ro +ve, Anti-SS-B/La +ve, ANA +ve[3]
Scleroderma Anti-topoisomerase (ATA), Anti-centromere (ACA), anti-Scl-70 (type of ATA)
Mixed connective tissue disease anti-U1-RNP (ribonucleoprotein) +ve,[4] ANA +ve (speckled)

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