Benign clear cell clusters of the kidney

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Benign clear cell clusters of the kidney
Diagnosis in short

Benign clear cell clusters of the kidney. H&E stain.

LM large cells in "small" nests with voluminous clear cytoplasm and small nuclei without prominent nucleoli
LM DDx chromophobe renal cell carcinoma, other clear cell tumours
IHC PAX8 +ve, CK7 +ve, AMACR -ve, CD68 -ve, CD10 +ve/-ve, CD117 +ve/-ve, vimentin -ve, CA9 -ve
Site kidney - see kidney tumours

Clinical history chronic renal insufficiency
Prevalence very rare
Radiology +/-renal mass
Prognosis presumed benign based on limited data/unknown

Benign clear cell clusters of the kidney are a rare finding that may be confused for renal cell carcinoma[1] or may represent a precursor lesion of renal cell carcinoma.[2]




  • Large cells predominantly in "small" nests with:


  • Tubules with narrow lumens may be present.
  • "Small" nests: typically less than 1.5 mm.





  • PAX8 +ve.
  • AE1/AE3 +ve.
  • CK7 +ve.
  • EMA +ve.
  • CD10 typically focal.


  • CA9 -ve.
  • vimentin -ve.
  • AMACR -ve.
  • CD68 -ve.
  • Alpha-inhibin -ve.
  • Calretinin -ve.
  • Melan A -ve.
  • HMB-45 -ve.

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