Atypical lung carcinoid tumour

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Atypical lung carcinoid tumour
Diagnosis in short

Atypical lung carcinoid tumour. H&E stain.

Synonyms atypical carcinoid, atypical lung carcinoid, atypical pulmonary carcinoid
LM DDx small cell carcinoma of the lung, carcinoid lung tumour, pulmonary carcinoid tumourlet, lung adenocarcinoma, metastatic small cell carcinoma
IHC Ki-67 ~17% (range 10-26%)
Site lung - see lung tumours

Prognosis moderate; poor vis-à-vis typical carcinoid
Clin. DDx other lung tumours
Treatment surgical resection +/-chemotherapy

Atypical carcinoid lung tumour, also atypical carcinoid, is an uncommon lung tumour with a poor outcome.



  • Significantly worse than for typical carcinoids; in one series,[2] the five year survival was 95% and 45% for typical carcinoid and atypical carcinoid respectively.


  • Surgery for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Chemotherapy for advanced/metastatic disease.[3]



  • Nests of cells.
    • Stippled chromatin.
    • Mild-to-moderate amount of cytoplasm.
  • No necrosis/focal necrosis.
  • Moderate mitotic rate (2-10/HPF - definition suffers from HPFitis).




  • Ki-67 ~17% (range 10-26%).[5]


  • Typical carcinoid is considerably lower ~2% (range 0-7%) and large cell neuroendocrine considerable higher ~81% (range 63-92%).[5]

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