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This article deals with the Aperio slide scanner software.


This software used to scan the images.

One slide

  1. Place slide with label closest to front of slide scanner.
  2. Open ScanScope.
    • Click Manual load or One Touch

Manual scan:

  • Scan area tab: select area to be scanned (green box).
  • Focus Points tab: Autoselect will usually do.
    • Focus points can be added with left mouse button double clicks.
    • Focus points over blue stained areas tend to do better than over light pink stained areas.
  • Calibrate tab: should be boring grey.
  • Scan tab: click Start Scan and it should do it.

Several slides

Getting started:

  1. Load cartridge - tissue toward inside of the scanner.
    • Push until it clicks.
  2. Open ScanScope Console.
    • Enter user and password.
    1. Goto Start tab.
      • Dark gray rectangles = selected slides.
    2. Select slides.
      • Right click - select Get snapshots.



  • Find tissue - automagically draws green box around the tissue.


  • Green box = area scanned.
  • Yellow boxes = focus points.
  • Blue = white balance reference point.

Rack display:

  • Hatched blue lines = scanning of slide in progress.
  • Solid blue = slide was scanned.


  • This software is used to view the images generated by Scanscope.



  • Most recently scanned: Digital Slides -> All Digital Slides (As List).

Aperio web server

  • Used to view slides with a web browser.[1]

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