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Diagnosis in short

Angiomyofibroblastoma. H&E stain.

LM hypercellular zones and hypocellular edematous zones, small blood vessels (~20 micrometers) - no large blood vessels, myxoid stroma, small stellate cell/spindle cells without significant nuclear atypia
LM DDx aggressive angiomyxoma
Gross well-circumscribed
Site female pelvis (vulva), case reports of similar lesion in males

Clinical history slow growing, usu. not painful
Prevalence very rare
Clin. DDx Bartholin cyst, aggressive angiomyxoma

Angiomyofibroblastoma, abbreviated AMF,[1] is rare uncommon soft tissue lesion of the vulva.


  • Uncommon.
  • Similar lesions reported in males.[2][3]


  • Slow growing.
  • Uncommonly recur.
  • Usually painless.

Clinical DDx:




  • Hypercellular zones and hypocellular edematous zones.
  • Small blood vessels (~20 micrometers) - no large blood vessels - key feature.
  • Myxoid stroma - key feature.
  • Small stellate cell/spindle cells without significant nuclear atypia.





  • Desmin +ve.[4]
  • Vimentin +ve.[4]
  • SMA +ve.
  • S-100 -ve.
  • Actin -ve.
  • CD34 -ve.

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