Adenosis of the prostate gland

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Adenosis of the prostate gland
Diagnosis in short

Adenosis of prostate gland. H&E stain.

Synonyms atypical adenomatous hyperplasia

LM glandular crowding, bland nuclear features (lack prominent nucleoli, lack nuclear enlargement)
LM DDx prostatic adenocarcinoma (esp. foamy gland adenocarcinoma), bulbourethral gland
IHC patchy basal cell markers (e.g. p63 +ve, CK5/6 +ve), AMACR -ve, ERG -ve
Gross not evident
Site prostate gland - transistion zone

Prevalence common
Prognosis benign
Treatment none

Adenosis of the prostate gland, also adenosis of the prostate, is a benign change of the prostate gland, typically seen in the transistion zone of the prostate, and may be mistaken for (low grade) prostatic adenocarcinoma.[1]

It is also known as atypical adenomatous hyperplasia.[2][3]




  • Glandular crowding - key feature.
    • Glands may be back-to-back.
  • Lack of prominent nucleoli.




  • CK5/6 +ve. ‡
  • p63 +ve. ‡
  • AMACR -ve.
  • ERG -ve.[5]


  • ‡ Often patchy - some glands in a group may lack basal cells.


Sign out

  • Typically not reported explicitly.
  • IHC should be reported if done.

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