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The article deals with contributing to Libre Pathology.

We value help and that can come in many forms!

Ways to help

Broadly speaking, help can be:

  • Pointing-out issues.
  • Contributing pictures.
  • Promoting the project.
  • Editing the wiki.
  • Technical customization.
  • Business/organizational planning.

Pointing-out issues

Making us aware of:

  • Typos and grammatical errors.
  • Things that are out-of-date.
  • Errors in the content.

If you send us a note:

  • Please specify where the issue is.
  • If it is a content error please provide us with a suitable reference.

Contributing pictures

If you have questions:

Editing the wiki

  • This has a learning curve. We will help you if you are interested in learning... and believe that if you've made it through any university program you can learn it.
  • A separate article Libre Pathology:Editing goes into more detail.


  • Raising awareness about the project through social media, e.g. Twitter, Facebook.
  • Research projects.


  • If you have an interest or skills in the technical arena.


  • If you have a particular skill... accounting, fundraising, legal.

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