Hemangioma of the liver

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Hemangioma of the liver, also liver hemangioma and hepatic hemangioma, is a benign vascular tumour of the liver, that may be mistaken for metastatic disease.[1]

Hemangioma of the liver
Diagnosis in short

Cavernous liver hemangioma. H&E stain.
LM DDx epithelioid hemangioendothelioma, angiosarcoma, metastatic disease
Site liver

Clinical history often an incidental finding
Symptoms +/-upper abdominal pain
Radiology well circumscribed mass
Prognosis benign
Clin. DDx metastatic disease
Treatment usually follow-up, non-conservative if very large

Hemangiomas, more generally, are dealt with in the hemangioma article.



  • Do not grow in size - can be followed if small or medium size (<10 cm).[2]
  • Usually an incidental finding (incidentaloma) and often asymptomatic.[2]
    • Large lesions may present with upper abdominal pain.


  • Variable size.
  • Well circumscribed.
  • Classically subcapsular.[citation needed]



  • Channels lined by benign endothelium containing RBCs.
  • Surrounding (non-endothelial) cells without significant atypia.



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Liver Lesion, Core Biopsy:
- Cavernous hemangioma.
- NEGATIVE for malignancy.


The sections show dilated vascular spaces containing red blood cells that are lined by endothelial cells without significant atypia. The vascular spaces are separated by bland fibrous tissue.

Abnormal perivascular cells are not identified. The background liver is without atypia and does not have appreciable fat.

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