Digital papillary adenocarcinoma

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Digital papillary adenocarcinoma (abbreviated DPA), also aggressive digital papillary adenocarcinoma (abbreviated ADPA), is a rare malignant skin tumour.[1]

Digital papillary adenocarcinoma
Diagnosis in short

Synonyms aggressive digital papillary adenocarcinoma
LM DDx basal cell carcinoma, other basaloid tumours
IHC pankeratin +ve, CEA +ve (edge of ducts/spaces), EMA +ve (edge of ducts/spaces), S-100 +ve (luminal cells), SMA +ve (outer myoepithelial cell layer), p63 +ve (outer myoepithelial cell layer)
Site skin - digits (fingers or toes)

Prevalence very rare
Prognosis aggressive
Treatment ampuation


  • Very rare.
  • Aggressive - amputation is typically recommended.[2]
  • Typically males 50-80 years old.
    • May be seen in adolescents.[3]


  • Distal end of a finger or toe.
    • Usually fingers.[1]



  • Papillary projections - very common, not required.
    • Tubular structures.
  • Basaloid cells usually with mild-to-moderate atypia.
  • Fibrous stroma.[4]





  • Pankeratin +ve.
  • CEA +ve (edge of ducts/spaces).
  • EMA +ve (edge of ducts/spaces).
  • S-100 +ve (luminal cells).
  • SMA +ve (outer myoepithelial cell layer).
  • p63 +ve (outer myoepithelial cell layer).

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