Clear cell adenocarcinoma of the urethra

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Clear cell adenocarcinoma of the urethra, also primary urethral clear cell adenocarcinoma, is a very rare malignant tumour of the urethra.


  • Predominantly in women.[1]

Pathogenesis not well understood - may arise from:



  • Clear cells (at least focally).
  • Hobnailing (classic feature).







  • PAX8 +ve/-ve (2 +ve in 4 cases).
  • CK7 +ve/-ve (2 +ve in 4 cases).
  • Vimentin +ve (3 +ve in 4 cases).
  • CK20 -ve/+ve (1 +ve in 4 cases).


  • ER -ve.
  • p63 -ve.
  • PSA -ve.
  • p16 -ve.
  • Ki-67 ~ 47/200 on average cells.
    • 5.5/200 cells on average in nephrogenic adenoma.[5]

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