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This article deals with the common prostate biopsy, also prostate core biopsy. It is abbreviated PB and PCB.


These are done to look for prostate cancer.


Part: [A-L].

Specimen: prostate core biopsy.

Label: [(A) right lateral superior/(B) right medial superior/(C) right lateral midzone/(D) right medial midzone/(E) right lateral interior/(F) right medial inferior/(G) left lateral superior/(H) left medial superior/(I) left lateral midzone/(J) left medial midzone/(K) left lateral interior/(L) left medial inferior].

Number of cores: [number of cores].

Length: ___ cm.

Submitted in block(s): ___.

Protocol notes

  • Making the core(s) planar is recommended, e.g. sandwich between two pieces of sponges.[1]
  • Up to 3 cores can be put into one cassette; however, many laboratories in Europe (40%) put 1 core/cassette.[1]

Alternate approaches

  • None.

See also

Related protocols


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