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The article deals with partial cystectomy grossing. A partial cystectomy is removal of part of the urinary bladder.


It is typically done for urachal carcinoma.[1][2]



  • Type: partial cystectomy.
  • Specimen weight: ___ grams.
  • Specimen dimensions (superior-inferior, left-right, anterior-posterior): ___ x ___ x ___ cm.
  • Inking scheme: ___.


  • Size (superior-inferior, left-right, anterior-posterior): ___ x ___ x ___ cm.
  • Nearest margin: [soft tissue margin / urethral / ureteric ].
  • Distance to nearest margin: ___.
  • Configuration: [ ulcerated / exophytic ].
  • Appearance: [ describe ].
  • Extension into perivesicular adipose tissue: [present/ not identified/ suspicious].

Representative sections:

  • Urachal margin.
  • Bladder tumour - 1 section/cm.
  • Section with deepest invasion.
  • One section if fat invasion obvious, three sections if it is suspicious.
  • Suspicious granular areas.
  • Left bladder wall.
  • Right bladder wall.
  • Dome of bladder.
  • Trigone of bladder.

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