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Paneth cell metaplasia and lamina propria eosinophils. H&E stain.

The Paneth cell is characteristic of the small intestine. It is also normal in the cecum, ascending colon and transverse colon.

Paneth cell metaplasia, abbreviated PCM, redirects to this article.


  • Paneth cells should not be in the left colon.[1]
    • If you see 'em there it is Paneth cell metaplasia.

Paneth cell metaplasia

If PCM is present:

  • Think of inflammatory bowel disease and other long-standing injurious processes.
  • PCM in the context of colorectal adenomas may be associated with a higher risk of colorectal neoplasia.[2]



  • Supranuclear eosinophilic granules.


  • Enterochromaffin cells (AKA Kulchitsky cells).
    • Subnuclear eosinophilic granules.
  • Intraepithelial eosinophils.
    • Eosinophils have smaller (~1/2) more intensely red granules.



  • Lysozyme +ve.[3]

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