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This article covers cancer drugs from a pathology perspective.

Drugs in a table

Non-proprietary name Trade name Cost Indication Notes
cetuximab Erbitux 5267 Euros/month[1] stomach cancer, head & neck cancer notes?
trastuzumab Herceptin 3345 Euros/month[1] breast cancer, stomach cancer notes?
gefitinib Iressa 3496 Euros/month[1] lung cancer EGFR inhibitor - like erlotinib
panitumumab Vectibix 3537 Euros/month[1] indication ??? notes?
fulvestrant Faslodex 719 Euros/month[1] breast cancer selective estrogen receptor down-regulator (SERD)
letrozole Femara 4189 Euros/month[1] indication ??? non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor
imatinib Gleevec/Glivec 4189 Euros/month[1] ALL, CML tyrosine kinase inhibitor
dasatinib Sprycel 7513 Euros/month[1] ALL, CML tyrosine kinase inhibitor
nilotinib Tasigna 5685 Euros/month[1] CML tyrosine kinase inhibitor
lapatinib Tyverb 3441 Euros/month[1] breast cancer tyrosine kinase inhibitor / HER2 growth receptor pathway blockade

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