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Neurothekeoma is a benign peripheral nerve sheath tumour.

It is also known as nerve sheath myxoma[1] and myxoma of the nerve sheath.

There is growing evidence that neurothekomas and dermal nerve sheath myxomas are distinct entities.[2]


  • Rare.
  • Female > male.



  • Superficial dermal lesion:
    • Usu. lobulated or micronodular architecture - key feature.
      • +/-Focal sheeting.
    • Spindle/epithelioid morphology with pale eosinophilic cytoplasm - key feature.
    • +/-Inflammation around lesion.
    • +/-Surrounded by collagen.


  • No atypia.
  • Mitoses rare/none.
  • Often poorly circumscribed.


  • Cellular.
  • Myxoid.
  • Intermediate.






  • NKI/C3 (AKA NKI-C3) +ve.
  • NSE +/-ve.


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