Mixed epithelial and stromal tumour of the kidney

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Mixed epithelial and stromal tumour of the kidney
Diagnosis in short

Mixed epithelial stromal tumour of kidney. H&E stain.

LM cysts lined by simple epithelium with hobnailing, stroma has an ovarian look (basophilic, spindle cells)
LM DDx cystic nephroma, tubulocystic renal cell carcinoma
IHC ER +ve, PR +ve, CD10 +ve
Gross renal mass, predominantly solid
Grossing notes total nephrectomy for tumour grossing, partial nephrectomy grossing
Site kidney - see kidney tumour

Prevalence rare
Prognosis benign

Mixed epithelial and stromal tumour of the kidney, abbreviated MEST, is a rare benign kidney tumour in the WHO classification of renal neoplasia.

Turbiner et al.[1] have suggested that cystic nephroma and mixed epithelial and stromal tumour (MEST) are one tumour; the proposed lumping term renal epithelial and stromal tumour, abbreviated REST.


  • Rare - approximately 1.5% of renal neoplasms.[2]
  • Benign.
  • Prevalence: males > females.


  • Solid and cystic mass - predominantly solid.



  • Cysts lined by simple epithelium with hobnailing - key feature.
  • Stroma has an ovarian look:
    • Blue (basophilic).
    • Spindle cells.


  • Parenchymal elements (e.g. glomueruli, tubules) are not found in the septa between the cysts.
  • May extend into the renal vein.[3]





  • ER +ve.
  • PR +ve.
  • CD10 +ve.


  • PAX8 +ve (8 of 8 tumours[4]).
  • AMACR +ve stromal & epithelial cells - based on a case report.[5]
  • Inhibin -ve/+ve (42% +ve in 14 cases[1]).
  • Calretinin +ve (69% +ve in 14 cases[1]).

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