Mixed epithelial and stromal tumour of the kidney

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Mixed epithelial and stromal tumour of the kidney
Diagnosis in short

Mixed epithelial stromal tumour of kidney. H&E stain.

Synonyms mixed epithelial and stromal tumour family (term recommended in WHO 2016 classification)

LM cysts lined by simple epithelium with hobnailing, stroma has an ovarian look (basophilic, spindle cells)
Subtypes on a spectrum with cystic nephroma, adult type
LM DDx cystic nephroma, pediatric type, tubulocystic renal cell carcinoma
IHC ER +ve, PR +ve, CD10 +ve
Gross renal mass, predominantly solid
Grossing notes total nephrectomy for tumour grossing, partial nephrectomy grossing
Site kidney - see kidney tumour

Prevalence rare
Prognosis benign

Mixed epithelial and stromal tumour of the kidney, abbreviated MEST, is a rare benign kidney tumour in the WHO classification of renal neoplasia.

In the 2016 World Health Organization classification of renal neoplasia, this tumour was lumped with cystic nephroma, adult type and the recommended term is mixed epithelial and stromal tumour family.[1]

Turbiner et al.[2] came-up with a cheeky term for the the tumour family (renal epithelial and stromal tumour, abbreviated REST) that didn't catch on.

This kidney tumour should not be confused with mixed epithelial-stromal tumour of seminal vesicle.[3]


  • Rare - approximately 1.5% of renal neoplasms.[4]
  • Benign.
  • Prevalence: males > females.


  • Solid and cystic mass - predominantly solid.



  • Cysts lined by simple epithelium with hobnailing - key feature.
  • Stroma has an ovarian look:
    • Blue (basophilic).
    • Spindle cells.


  • Parenchymal elements (e.g. glomueruli, tubules) are not found in the septa between the cysts.
  • May extend into the renal vein.[5]
  • The WHO 2016 classification considers it to be on a spectrum with cystic nephroma, adult type.[1]





  • ER +ve.
  • PR +ve.
  • CD10 +ve.


  • PAX8 +ve (8 of 8 tumours[7]).
  • AMACR +ve stromal & epithelial cells - based on a case report.[8]
  • Inhibin -ve/+ve (42% +ve in 14 cases[2]).
  • Calretinin +ve (69% +ve in 14 cases[2]).

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