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Tissue fixation, usually just fixation, is an important part of tissue preparation for histologic examination. It is typically done with formalin.


Pathologist have a great lifestyle 'cause tissue takes long to fix; the penetration of tissue by formalin is 1 mm/hour.[1]


The dictum is:[2]

  • The volume of fixative should be 10x the volume of specimen.

Tissue fixation

A list of fixatives:[3]

Fixative Comment
Formalin, neutral buffered standard fixative
Formalin, unbuffered ???
Glutaraldehyde[4] electron microscopy
Ethanol cytopathology
Carnoy ???
Bouin toxic ???
B5 used for lymphoma, superior morphology - but toxic,
not good for IHC & DNA analysis[5]
IBF fixative used bone marrow and lymphatic tissue;[6] gives better nuclear detail in prostate biopsies compared to formalin[7]

Tissue fixation


  • May be written (incorrectly) as "formulin".
  • Formaldehyde + methanol.

Fixing marking dye

To fix marking dye:

  • Formal-acetic alcohol (FAA):[8]
  • Bouin's solution.



  • Different recipes exist.

One recipe:[9]

  • Ethanol.
  • Acetic acid.
  • Formaldehyde.
  • Methanol.

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