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This article covers the anatomy of the heart.

Coronary arteries

  • Left main coronary artery (LMCA).
    • Left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD).
    • Left circumflex coronary artery (LCx).
  • Right coronary artery (RCA).

Less common

  • Ramus intermedius - middle branch of LMCA if it trifurcates (instead of bifurcates).[1]
    • Present in approx. 1/3 of patients.

Obscure terms

  • Plica transversae aortae = between aortic root & reflection pericardium.[2]
  • Vincula aortae (fold of Rindfleisch) = aorta & pulmonary artery attachment, site of rupture.[3]
  • Central fibrous body = fibrotic tissue that forms the membranous septum and part of the LVOT.[4]
    • The AV node lies adjacent to it. There is case report suggesting, if the AV node is found within the central fibrous body, it may lead to sudden death.[5]

Left ventricle vs. right ventricle

  • Left ventricle.
    • Smooth outflow tract.
  • Right ventricle.
    • Infundibulum.
    • Crista supraventricularis (AKA crista ventricularis) = muscular ridge in RVOT between tricuspid valve and pulmonary valve.[6]


  • Trabeculae carneae. (???)
  • Semilunar valve attachment. (???)

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