Cholesterol polyp of the gallbladder

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Cholesterol polyp of the gallbladder
Diagnosis in short

Cholesterol polyp of the gallbladder. H&E stain.

LM foamy macrophages in lamina propria of polypoid lesion
LM DDx cholesterolosis of gallbladder, xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis
Gross polypoid lesion of gallbladder mucosa
Site gallbladder

Associated Dx chronic cholecystitis
Prevalence common
Radiology polypoid lesion - projects into lumen of gallbladder
Prognosis benign
Clin. DDx gallbladder adenoma, other polyps
Treatment surgical excision (cholecystectomy)

Cholesterol polyp of the gallbladder is a common benign finding of the gallbladder.

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  • Benign and common.
  • Seen in approximately 6% of removed gallbladders.[1]
  • May be detected on ultrasound.[2]


  • Exophytic lesion of the gallbladder mucosa.




  • Foamy macrophages in the lamina propria.
  • Polypoid shape - epithelium on three sides.



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