Undifferentiated small round cell sarcoma with t(4;19)

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Undifferentiated small round cell sarcoma with t(4;19)
Diagnosis in short

Synonyms CIC-DUX sarcoma

LM small round blue cell tumour with focal cytoplasmic clearing +/-zonal necrosis
LM DDx Ewing sarcoma, other Ewing-like tumours, DSRCT, other small round cell tumours
IHC WT-1 +ve, CD99 +ve/-ve (not strong membranous), ERG +ve, FLI-1 +ve
Molecular t(4;19)(q35;q13.1) present, EWSR1 abnormality absent
Site soft tissue

Clinical history young (usually 20s), typically female
Prevalence very rare
Prognosis poor
Clin. DDx other soft tissue tumours
Treatment wide excision (?)

Undifferentiated small blue round cell sarcoma with t(4;19), is a rare malignant small round cell tumour.[1]

It is also known as CIC-DUX sarcoma. CIC-DUX is pronounced "six ducks".


  • Rare.
  • Young - typically 20s.
  • Female>male.
  • Aggressive course.






  • CD99 +ve/-ve
    • Not strong and membranous.
  • WT-1 +ve.
  • S-100 -ve.
  • Desmin -ve.
  • Myogenin -ve.
  • ERG +ve.
  • FLI-1 +ve.


  • t(4;19)(q35;q13.1).[4]
    • CIC-DUX4 fusion.
  • EWSR1 FISH negative.

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