Bosniak classification of renal cysts

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Bosniak classification of renal cysts is a radiologic classification system for kidney cysts. It originally consisted of four categories (I, II, III, IV).[1][2]

A subsequent modification turned it into a five category system:

Category Percent malignant Management Radiological Characteristics
Bosniak I 0% no follow-up necessary Simple cyst
Bosniak II 0% no follow-up necessary Minimally complex (septa <1mm or thin calcification; non-enhancing attenuation due to proteinaceous or haemorrhagic contents)
Bosniak IIF 5% follow-up (4 years[3]) Minimally complex (increased septa, but minimally thicknened/nodular; perceived, but not measurable enhancement)
Bosniak III 50% excise to r/o malignancy Indeterminate (thick or nodular septa with measurable CT enhancement)
Bosniak IV 100% almost certainly malignant Clearly malignant (solid mass +/- cystic/necrotic component)


  • The "F" in IIF have minimally suspicious features and should get follow-up imaging.[4]


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