Arias-Stella reaction

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The Arias-Stella reaction is a benign change.


  • Benign atypical endometrial changes associated with chorionic tissue.[1]
  • Historically it was diagnosed as endometrial cancer.
  • Usually in premenopausal women - pregnant or recently pregnant; however, it may be seen postmenopausal women.[2]


  • To the novice... the nuclei look really scary, i.e. they look like cancer.



  • Epithelial component of endometrium with large nuclei - key feature.
  • NC ratio is preserved.[3]
  • Usually a focal change.
  • +/-Mitoses - uncommon.


  • No decidual reaction in the stroma.




There are five subtypes:[1]

  1. Minimal atypia.
    • Usually early gestation.
  2. Early secretory pattern.
    • Mimics secretory endometrium: cytoplasmic vacuoles, central nucleus, palisading architecture.
  3. Secretory or hypersecretory pattern.
  4. Regenerative, proliferative or nonsecretory pattern.
  5. Monstrous cell pattern.

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