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A drawing of a gastric band in place around the stomach. (WC/James P. Gray)

Gastric band is an occasion pathology specimen and can be considered a ditzel.

Adjustable gastric band (abbreviated AGB[1]) redirects here.



Features of laparoscopic gastric band capsule:[2]

  • Foreign body reaction (giant cells).
  • Inflammation (chronic).
  • Fibrosis.
  • Neovascularization.

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Gastric Band, Removal:
- Gastric band (gross only).
- Benign fibrous tissue with mild inflammation, consistent with capsule.
- NEGATIVE for malignancy.


Gastric Band, Removal:
     - Foreign body, consistent with gastric band (gross only).
     - Benign fibroadipose tissue, NEGATIVE for significant pathology.

Long version

Gastric Band, Removal:
- Small fragments of gastric mucosa with moderate chronic inactive inflammation, 
  and scant benign adipose tissue.
- Mixed micro-organisms (rods, cocci, actinomycetes) compatible with 
  oropharyngeal source; clinical correlation suggested.
- Cellular debris (in keeping with erosion) and foreign material.
- Foreign body compatible with gastric band (gross only).
- NEGATIVE for intestinal metaplasia.
- NEGATIVE for dysplasia and NEGATIVE for malignancy.

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