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United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, abbreviated USCAP, is the largest North American pathology organization. Yearly in March, they hold a large conference in a North American city.

Annual meeting


The abstracts, for the 2015 meeting, were limited to 2,764 characters (including the authors and affiliations).

The conversion rate from USCAP abstract to journal paper is 36% overall.[1] A further analysis shows that there is a dependency on the presentation type (42-50% for platforms, 32-36% for posters) and subspeciality (range 10-62%).

Registration options

  • General registration only.
  • General registration with companion meetings.
  • Companion meetings only.

Companion meetings

  • These are usually held on the weekend and worth seeing if one is there.


  • The standard size was 68 x 42 inches in 2014.[2]
    • Posters made in PowerPoint should be half size (34 x 21 inches) and scaled up at printing.[citation needed]

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