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Reserve cell hyperplasia

  • Basal cell hyperplasia ?= reserve cell hyperplasia
  • "Atypical reserve cells" in pap smears = stripped nuclei (no cytoplasm).[1]


O'Connell, JT.; Mutter, GL.; Cviko, A.; Nucci, M.; Quade, BJ.; Kozakewich, HP.; Neffen, E.; Sun, D. et al. (Jan 2001). "Identification of a basal/reserve cell immunophenotype in benign and neoplastic endometrium: a study with the p53 homologue p63.". Gynecol Oncol 80 (1): 30-6. doi:10.1006/gyno.2000.6026. PMID 11136566.

Takubo, K. (May 1981). "Squamous metaplasia with reserve cell hyperplasia in the esophagogastric junction zone.". Acta Pathol Jpn 31 (3): 349-59. PMID 7270146.


  • Nothing in Foundations FNA book.
  • Nothing in Cyto book by Mody.
  • Barely mentioned in Histology for Pathologists.


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