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A tissue floater, also floater, is a (biologic) contaminant that is transferred to the slide some time during tissue processing.[1]

A floater is a type of extraneous tissue and foreign to the case.[2][3] They are not found in the tissue block.[2] Contaminants in the tissue block, i.e. paraffin block, are known as "pick-up" and, generally, are assumed to result from conditions at the grossing bench.


Floaters are considered to be near-misses, as they can lead to misdiagnoses if not identified as such.[4] They are considered to be an indicator of (poor) quality.


  • Tissue that is confidently identified as a floater and benign is typically identified as such on the slide and otherwise ignored.
    • Example: a fragment of benign colon on an endometrial biopsy seen only on one level.
  • Tissue that cannot be definitely identified as a floater may require identity testing, using short tanden repeat (STR) DNA testing.[5]
  • Malignant tissue that is apparently foreign to the case should be worked-up and reported.

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